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What We Do

1. Arangetram

A student performs her Arangetram, when she has completed learning the basic repertoire necessary for understanding the grammar of the craft. Students of the current generation are under extreme academic pressure. This coupled with logistical challenges and lack of time, one needs to be very creative to impart dance training to the students.

With my years of teaching experience and a liberal mindset I have designed an effective module, through which I believe that a student can have a comprehensive understanding of Dance and complete the course in 3 years. Of course one needs to understand that Arangetram is only the beginning of the journey. It is essential for the development of a vibrant personality.

With the advancement of technology I believe that it is absolutely possible to prepare a student for her Arangetram through a digital platform in case the student does not live in Bangalore.

The course would entail:

1. Learning a set of 7 items.

2. Learning all the information about the items that the student learns. For e.g. the raga of a particular item: if it is Kalyani, then what are the few other songs in the same raga. A similar exercise with the Tala. Information about the composer, when and where he lived and so on. This will give the student more understanding and will be able to appreciate the beauty and the philosophy of the song and its meaning

3. A comprehensive understanding of Rhythm and Music appreciation.

4. Exercises that will help the student bring about a balance of her/his creative and logical side.

5. The student will get the strength of the body and mind to sustain a 90 minute performance without compromising.

6. Abhinaya or the emotional part will be the most important component of the module. Exercises for emotional awareness coupled with theater exercises would make the student not only competent on stage but would prepare her for her life.

7. Basic knowledge of theory

Students who are interested to register please call +91 98450-48462 or email at director@padminiravi.com

2. Perform (Continued Learning)

After the students complete their Arangetram, they usually move on pusuing their degree and career.Through the journey of their lives, their affinity to dance only increases. A few pursue dance as a career. They always dream of getting back at a phase when they want to feel that high of a performance.

My continued learning module is designed with only one purpose: you must feel good dancing again.

Students who do not live in Bangalore, can pursue their learning through the digital platform.

Those interested please call at +91 9845048462 or email director@padminiravi.com

I then start teaching the item. A combination of video lesson plans and Skype sessions, will enable the student to learn the item with ease and confidence. Once the learning is complete, I will be providing the recorded music for the item.

During these sessions we will deconstruct and construct the item, in order to understand the details.

We can decide the item on mutual agreement. Interested students can contact me for further details.