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What is Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam is the most popular dance form practised and performed all over the world. Infact all Classical dances have two parts to the training. Firstly it trains the performer to use his/her mind, body and emotions and secondly trains to communicate certain emotions through a story/situation to the spectators.

The second part is the most important. While the performer is communicating there is an inner process which is being engineered by the performer which strikes the perfect balance between mind, body and emotions.

If we delete the performance part, Dance becomes the best self development tool because it triggers the inner journey. It is a fact that we are all born with enormous inner power and therefore an inner exploration is essential to find and believe in that power in-order to live successfully. This needs mind focus.

In Bagvad Gita, Krishna describes the restless nature of the mind and also goes on to describe a Yogi as the one who brings back the galloping mind to stillness or in perfect alignment. This happens naturally in dancer while she is being trained and that is why dance is compared to Yoga and is considered spiritual.

The primary process in dance has 5 steps :
1. To have an idea /thought
2. To believe in that thought
3. To visualise and add emotions to that thought in-order to create a feeling within.
4. To visualise and feel as if it is real.
5. To lock that feeling and activate it while you are practising or performing.

When we follow the above process with all sincerity then we are in the “zone”. This is when our mind, body and emotion is in perfect alignment.

Science has recognised that our bodies and everything around us is pure pulsating energy. If we can recognise this power, we can create our own miracles by influencing this energy which is referred to as a “Field “. According to the modern scientists we can influence this field through feelings.

Our thoughts and feelings create emotions Indian classical dance is pure emotional experience. If dancers can master thoughts and feelings and can create experiences ,we can influence the field…. Can we create miracles in our lives through Dance….????