Traditional Performing Arts have been the pride and identity of India for thousands of years. Bharatanatyam is the most popular form of classical dance practiced and performed all over the world. This form is the most universal in its approach and deals with skills and emotions which are relevant for all times. Bharatanatyam not only gives a deep insight into our cultural roots but also accentuates the physical, mental and emotional awareness of the student which ultimately helps develop a capable and interesting personality, something that we all know is the need of the hour in the world today.

We understand the importance of a young mind. They are physically independent and active. They are learning to think in more complex ways. Progress in the major areas of development be it physical, intellectual, emotional, or social is gradual. It is important for children to understand their own bodies. The courses we offer will equip its participants with a keen understanding of the body and the importance of body alignment in dance. To enable a mature and logical way of thinking, their imagination and curiosity need to be fuelled.

The course will make the student resilient to pain, by pushing the child’s limits of pain tolerance therefore gradually building physical and emotional strength. The aim is to educate students about Bharatanatyam as an art form, its history, its roots, the journey of Bharatanatyam whilst teaching kids the grammar of the craft. This program will also expose participants to different genres of dance to provide an in depth understanding of movement at the macro level.

This course will enable the participant to understand the extravagance of our traditional dance form through a peak into Indian Classical texts and its universal and all-time relevance. The course also lays thrust on artistic processes, which will open young minds to creative thinking, trigger their curiosity and stimulate their imagination. Dance being a form that requires multi-tasking, training in the art form drives concentration, focus and determination.

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