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Padmini Ravi: A Journey in Dance for Over 5 Decades

Padmini Ravi has completed forty years in exploring not only the tangibles of the craft such as movement sequences, items to perform and its choreographies, but also the intangible benefits of the form, such as physical, mental and emotional awareness, ability to visualise and resilience, to state a few. The intangibles increase the possibility of improving human potential. To share these intangible benefits needs knowledge of Bharatanatyam in all its tradition yet being in tune with the generations as they progress to understand how to approach the application of it.

Padmini Ravi, is a journey in dance for over 5 decades. A performer, teacher and choreographer she reveals a new dimension to dance. The past years of curiosity and exploration she is always finding newer approaches to dance. Following her success in the classical arts, Padmini went on to explore the allied art forms such as theatre, folk forms, cinematography and film choreography.

Padmini has trained over 500 students internationally. The relationships shared along the journey exposed the various elements of dance that did not fall as a part of mainstream training. Upon detailed and in-depth research came the clarity that these elements of dance which are not mainstream are a core part of the craft as per its origin. Her students have now branched out into to become teachers who now train through their independent schools in choreography, teaching and training, performance, television and cinema.

Padmini’s name is synonymous with innovation, integrity and quality. Padmini Ravi has conducted and participated in seminars, workshops, chamber performances and performance tours around the world, networking with a range of organizations such as Universities, Sabhas, and students’ networks. She has also collaborated with theatre and music groups to create new performance dimensions within the form of Bharatanatyam

Her journey through dance started in the year 1967. She has performed over 1000 shows globally. She consistently crossed over the barriers of the perception of the classical form and always dared to innovate.

Her collaborations with allied crafts like folk theatre, traditional theatre, yoga, filmmaking, film dance and international styles of folk and classical movement always gave a fresh dimension into each performance making the form relatable and entertaining to the urban young.

Her ability to be spontaneous and innovative within the parameter of the craft adds to her versatility which appeals to wider and more eclectic audiences.

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She started her Academy, originally known as Pradhan Dance Center In 1980. She has to date more than 1000 students of whom about 500 students are leading dancers and teachers in the city of Bangalore and globally. The process of training has over the years of teaching evolved from not just the technique of the craft but also its desired effect on an individual’s personality and life.

She has constantly redesigned her teaching methods and curriculum to keep up to date with the demands and comprehension levels of each generation and now has adapted the various modules of her teaching pedagogy into digital platforms.

She has inculcated artistic processes into an individual’s daily life to enhance the potential of the student. This is to enable them to excel in other fields of their interest whilst they develop into successful individuals in any field. She has designed a fitness routine, Yogercise, for all age groups using techniques of dance, yoga and martial arts. This was developed on the basis of the principle that an energetic body will stimulate an energetic.

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She is acclaimed as one of the most knowledgeable and innovative choreographers in the field of dance. Her ability as a teacher and a performer has translated individual sequences of movement into choreographies suitable to both solo and group performances.

Her expertise is wide, ranging from , composition of music to blocking of movement to weaving together a visual treat. She also is by experience, an expert in audio and video recording and post-production.