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About Padmini Ravi

Padmini Ravi: A journey in dance for over 4 decades

An exponent and teacher of the ancient craft of BharataNatyam Padmini Ravi reveals a new dimension to dance. The past years of international travel and exposure have enabled her to divulge a new approach to dance. Following her initial success in the classical arts, Padmini explored allied art forms such as theatre, folk dances, classical music, and cinema. Padmini has trained over 500 students internationally. The relationships shared along the journey exposed the various elements of dance that were not primarily a part of main streamor traditional teaching practices.

As a performing artist and trainer by experience (Classical dance teacher, choreographer and performer), I would like to break the barrier and apply my experience in the principles of artistic processes to life style.

Qualified as a  Graduate in Economics and postgraduate in world history, I have a unique balanced combination of curiosity and rationality.

As a Dancer
  • I Commenced training in the year 1967.
  • I have Performed over 1000 shows globally. Broke the rigid barriers of the perception of the classical form by collaborating with allied crafts like folk theatre, traditional theatre, yoga, film-making, film dance and international styles of folk and classical movement.
  • Have Introduced a fresh dimension into each performance making the craft relatable and attractive to the urban young.
  • I have the ability to be spontaneous and innovative within the parameter of the craft, hence gaining the versatility to appeal to the niche elite and the common mass.
As a Teacher
  • I started my Academy in 1980. Trained more than 500 students who are leading dancers and teachers by their own merit in the city of Bangalore and abroad. The process of training involved not just the technique of the craft but also its desired effect on an individual’s personality.
  • I constantly redesigned teaching methods and curriculum to keep up to date with the demands and comprehension levels of each generation.
  • I inculcated the artistic processes into daily lives to enhance the potential of the students to enable them to excel in other fields of their interest.
  • I have identified and nurtured talent. In my experience as a teacher, I have come across students with various abilities and talent in different forms.
  • Researched and developed a training module for corporate and students using the process of arts to improve areas such as team building, creativity, visual and verbal communication, spontaneity etc. In Sync, the module has been conducted at IIM Bangalore, ITC Infotech, ING Vysya, Metlife, GMRIT, PESIT, MindTree and a few other organizations.
As a Choreographer
  • I am acclaimed as one of the most interesting choreographers. I have used my fullest potential as a teacher and a performer in translating visual movements into group choreographies.
  • My expertise is being able to score music, understand the process of audio and video recording and post production.
  • I have produced a Film (A Ford foundation project) “Sringara”, based on the ancient Devadasi (Temple Dancer) system in India. This opened a whole new window into my expertise in choreography. The choreography fused the classical and current day Bollywood movement. The film won national awards for best music, best dance and best cinematography.
  • I have incorporated global rhythm and music structure into Indian Classical choreography and vice versa to successfully appeal to today’s cosmopolitan audience.
As an Organizer
  • I have organised chamber concerts featuring renowned performers in order to bring arts awareness to the community.
  • I have conceptualised and executed 10 years of the Bengaluru Habba, the country’s premium city festival designed on the lines of the Singapore Arts Festival. Have played multiple roles as fund raising, creative content development, logistics and Infrastructure, Corporate, Political, Bureaucratic and Civic body liaison. Have handled marketing, public relations, finance, vendor negotiation, artist management and negotiation, electronic, print and outdoor media and publicity and total event management.
As a Fitness Expert
  • I have designed a fitness routine for all age groups using techniques of dance, yoga and martial arts.
  • I have conducted workshops widely in India and abroad.
  • I have developed on the basis of the principle that an energetic body will stimulate an energetic mind.