Continued Learning.

You may have finished our Arangetram or not. You might be in any phase of your life. There is always a desire to do something for yourself. You believe that you deserve that. of course you deserve that. Having said that, learning in the current scenario, be it adults and even more young students, must have an agenda. Gone are the days where we can engage in learning just for the sake of learning. Though it is the most ideal way of learning, we must be realistic.

My continued  learning module is designed with only one purpose: you must feel good and satisfied with the learning.

How does this module work?
I along with the student, will choose an item. I then send the information about the item, like its Ragam, Talam, Composer, the content of the song, the context and a comprehensive understanding of the item. All of the above will be sent as written materials and videos.

I then start teaching the item. A combination of video lesson plans and Skype sessions, will enable the student to learn the item with ease and confidence. Once the learning is complete, I will be providing the recorded music for the item.

During these sessions we will deconstruct and construct the item, in order to understand the details.

We can decide the item on mutual agreement. Interested students can contact me for further details.